Here’s How Professional Landscaping Raises Your Property Value

Typically, a house with beautiful landscaping can see an increase in their property value of 15%. However, this can vary. How does a landscape professional encourage his/her customer to invest part of a house’s construction budget plan on landscaping? Is this a smart financial investment? Will putting lots of money in landscaping really increase the appeal and value of a house for sale?

To address these concerns, we performed a seven-state study of guests to figure out customer viewpoints on how plant size, type, and style in landscaping impact how they view the worth of a house.

Landscaping Customers Say Improves Property Value

In the study, participants saw an image of a freshly constructed rural home with just a yard and concrete path. They were then shown 16 pictures of this home with various plant sizes and types, along with differing styles. Plant sizes were little, medium, or big based upon readily available sizes of that plant type (seasonal, shrub, or tree).

Participants ranked elegant styling as essential, plant size as the next most important, and variety of plant types as the least essential. The most popular landscape consisted of an advanced style with big deciduous, evergreens, and colored plants with a colored hardscape.

What Was The Viewed Boost In Property Value?

The view of the change in how the value of the property went up varied. It went from 5.5% all the way up to a 11.4% increase. Therefore, a house valued at $150,000 without any landscaping could be worth between $8,250 and $19,050 more with a nice landscaping job done that adds color and big plants. Remarkably, the multi-state research study discovered that extremely minimal landscapes (basic style with little plants) actually had a negative impact on the value of a home.

Does Landscaping Improve Home Value

The information gathered revealed that the premium value of a home increased 6-7% for having yards that were upgraded from excellent to outstanding, and a premium boost of 4-5% for an upgrade a typical yard to an excellent yard. By applying this knowledge, we figured out the value added by a professional landscaping upgrade boosts a houses worth by 10-12%.

In The End, Curb Appeal Is What Matters Most

The study has revealed that sizable landscaping considerably increases the houses worth and, as a result, will lead to a greater asking price than homes with little to no landscaping done. The level of elegance presented in the landscaping and the size of the plants were the aspects that most impacted worth.

The resulting boost in “curb appeal” of the home can make a house stand out more in a neighborhood where house designs are similar which will draw in prospective purchasers to your house over others in your neighborhood. This benefit is particularly important in a competitive real estate market.

Landscape professionals can utilize the above details to help the home owner understand the relationship between landscaping and home value. This can contribute to the marketability of their services and optimize what their landscaping services consist of.

The conclusion of the study was that the landscapes elegance was the highest ranked aspect that contributed to the viewed value of a home. Therefore, purchasing the services of our landscapers here at Felipe Soto Landscaping will enhance the worth of your house. In contrast to many other types of home improvements, the financial investment of professional landscaping services becomes more and more worth it over time, considering that the development and maturity of trees and shrubs boost visual appeal as well.